David KahnWelcome to leadersayswhat.com – a blog designed to help you develop your leadership skills.

My name is David Kahn and I am passionate about the concept and practice of leadership. My work life involves executive-level positions where I’ve had the opportunity to design, deliver, and assess leadership development programs. I also have a PhD in leadership…in case you were curious about my credentials.

I’m also the author of the award-winning book Cape, Spandex, Briefcase: Leadership Lessons from Superheroes and am a contributing author in LEGO and Philosophy: Constructing Reality Brick By Brick.

With a specialization in leadership, I’ve sat through countless lectures, webinars, and seminars. In doing so, I’ve always been struck with how dry they are. The content is great, but the delivery is geared towards academics, not frontline leaders.

Through this blog, my intent is to make the theories and research accessible so you can utilize them. I like TV. I like movies. I like books. I like music. So I’m going to use my love of popular culture to simplify complex ideas and make them more relatable.



Leadership is very personal. Not only is it who you are, but it directly affects those around you, your community, and society at large. Therefore, in reading this blog, it’s only fair that you understand my core beliefs on the topic.

I believe that each of us can learn how to be a better leader.

I believe that leadership theories and research are only as good as our ability to understand it and put it into practice.

I believe that the best way to improve ourselves is by absorbing new information and then immediately practicing what we’ve absorbed.

I believe that work is a place where people can be the best versions of themselves…and it is the leader’s responsibility to make this possible.